Location: URBAN Wellbeing

Bikram Yoga is a 90 minute therapeutic series of 26 hatha yoga asanas (yoga postures) and two breathing exercises preformed in a heated room. The sequence has been designed to exercise every muscle, organ, tissue and gland of the human body. In combination with the heated environment, the Bikram Yoga posture series is a practical system of disease prevention and health maintenance.

Anyone can do Bikram Yoga, irrespective of gender, age, size or fitness level. Everyone is in different stages of their practice. You do what your body is capable of today and progress in your own time. With continued practice you will feel more energized, increase flexibility, strength and sharpen mental focus as Bikram Yoga brings your life into balance.

“Regardless of your age or physical condition, you’ll experience the most exciting, hardworking, glamorous and effective therapeutic yoga in the world.”- Bikram Choudhury