This is the most common misconception that prevents people from coming to a yoga class. Yoga is not about how flexible you are, but about strengthening your body and spine in all directions. All that matters is that you try the right way, go to your personal “edge” and you will get 100% of the benefit!

The room is intentionally heated to warm your muscles and allow you to work deeper and safer. The heat also heals, helps prevent injuries and promotes sweating which flushes toxins from your body

This is a common concern for our first time students. Coming to class well hydrated will help. The more hydrated you are, the less overwhelming the heat will feel. Frequency of practice will help, too. The more classes you take closer together, the quicker you will acclimate to the hot room. The heat is the quickest thing you’ll get used to, and you’ll even come to crave it! We encourage our newbies to sit down and take a break whenever you feel it necessary. Push yourself to your own personal edge and you will get 100% of the benefits.

No matter what your level of fitness, you will find Bikram yoga very challenging. Each posture combines flexibility, strength and balance to work your whole body from your bones to your skin. With presistence, patience and dedication, you can lose inches and develop muscle tone and strength that might never come from other forms of exercise. You will burn up to 1,000 calories in one single session!

Women should wear shorts or thin cotton leggings and a light t-shirt or sports bra top. Men should wear shorts (t-shirt optional). Since the room is heated, you will want to wear something that you feel comfortable sweating in.

Drink approx. 2 litres of water throughout the day you are coming in. Since you will be sweating during class, it is important to drink plenty of water before, during and after class. Including electrolytes in your hydration routine such as coconut water, watermelon juice or electrolyte supplements will make for a great class