• 1200 sq/ft Studio capable of accommodating 48 students in one class
  • 13 x 2.5kW Infrared Heaters capable of achieving a 40 degree temperature
  • Air Ventillation System – Fresh air while maintaining a high temperature
  • Mens and Ladies changing rooms
  • Each 700 sq/ft
  • Showers and lockers available

What Sets us Apart

Yoga Room:
Our yoga room is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment to help students achieve an optimal experience in the most comforting and healthiest environment possible.The room is 1200 sq/ft which provides our clients with ample space to enjoy a very comfortable practice

We have sourced the best yoga floor on the market which provides comfort and stability for yoga training.This flooring was designed specifically for use in hot yoga studios as it is antimicrobial, water proof and slip resistant.It is gentle on the feet and easy on muscles and joints. This flooring has a dense re-bond poly urethane, open cell foam bonded to an 18 ounce traditional tatami textured vinyl surface providing for sure footing and shock absorbing cushion to reduce the risk of injury.

We are excited to introduce the NEW INFRARED, RADIANT HEAT PANELS! The heat warms the body and not the air. You’ll feel a gentle heat that increases as you move through class. Infrared heating is waves of energy that are absorbed by the skin and penetrate deep into the body, gently elevating the body’s surface temperature and detoxifying the body, while de-stressing, and improving flexibility and strength. This form of heat is the same technology used in hospitals to keep premature babies warm and in therapeutic saunas, and the panels make no sound. For those, that have found the heat too much in the past with the electric heaters in our old studio, give it another try. There’s no comparison to the forced air heaters, the feedback we have got is unanimous, come experience them for yourself!

Ventilation System:
Our new modern ventilation system consists of a heat recovery unit which takes the stale air out of the room and injects fresh air into the room continuously throughout the class! We are proud to say we are the only studio in the Country with such a sophisticated system.

We have utilized incandescent indirect lighting, which reduces distraction and provides for a more comfortable experience while reducing environmental impact. And just for fun, we have also installed LED lights which add to the mood, ambiance and atmosphere of our classes