• Having suffered with a recurring Achilles tendon and tight hamstrings from years of running, I decided to give Hot Yoga a go and within days my Achilles had stretched out completely. The classes are very strenuous, better than any other form of workout I have tried. The heat enables my muscles to stretch more deeper, releasing all the knotty fibres. During each class, my body gets a really serious detox and my skin seems brighter, more moisturized. I feel more toned, relaxed and I definitely have more energy. I enjoy the injury free running thanks to Tracy and Hot Yoga–Felicity Gaffney – Runner

  • Absolutely the best way to reshape post-pregnancy. My skin has lost its greyness and is a lot healthier. I have lost my “baby belly” and I feel great! I feel like I have a new lease on life!–Margaret O’Sullivan – Post Pregnancy

  • I find that Hot Yoga offers complete mind and body awareness and heightens my mental focus which improves my performance. The class is an upbeat, cardio, make you sweat exercise regimen which helps get my body in the best shape–Michael Sheehan – Bodybuilder

  • Hot Yoga has increased the overall strength of the muscles in my entire body. As a footballer Hot Yoga has improved my performance on the field, it has increased my flexibility and speed and has reduced my recovery time after a tough match. My willpower, concentration and determination are tested to the limit in this challenging environment–Trevor Mortimer – Mayo Footballer

  • Hot yoga provides me with an intense workout that not only builds my strength and flexibility but also cardio and endurance. I enjoy the heat as it allows for greater range of movement in my joints and it also enables the muscles to move more freely

    –David Collins – Captain of Galway Hurling team